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Their press release reads like a speech from the 2004 GOP presidential convention, but Instant Access Networks still has some pretty cool tech up their sleeves when it comes to protecting our technology from electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). Citing one megaton nuclear bombs over Kansas and rogue terrorist states, IAN says its renewable energy-powered, EMP-protected "microgrids" are just what today's society needs to protect itself from tomorrow's unseen threats.The crux of IAN's breakthrough is a new shielding technology that encloses a small room (or trailer, as seen in the pic), and blocks the harmful, tech-frying effects of an EMP. The shielding is comprised of electrically isolated layers of steel and aluminum, and weighs 70% less than what the military uses today for blocking EMP bursts. The "microgrid" concept arrives when you stick a generator or two inside these portable safe houses. Connect a few together and you have a microgrid, which Charles Manto, president of IAN, says can "easily power the city of Annapolis, a hospital, or the University of Maryland campus. The idea is to create islands of power to reduce the cascading effects of a wide-scale failure." Better yet, IAN designed the microgrids to be powered by renewable energy sources, like wind and solar. The End Times will be tough, it seems, but at least they'll be green. [MarketWatch]


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