Greenpeace Clash of the Consoles: Corny, Vaguely Informative and Pointless

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Never one to take a PR opportunity lying down, Greenpeace is fashioning the hooplah over its goose-eggs for Nintendo on its green company survey into even more media fodder. (And we're covering it!) Its latest gamer attention-grabber is Clash of the Consoles, a site that ranks the big three on their greenness with hokey, popcorn-y copy ("Master Chief won't be winning any green battles with lame recycling and big power use sucking down his energy score") and pretty much rehashed info from the green company survey. But, they've got fun form letters for you to send your company of choice begging them to go green!

The PS3's got green cred for a recycling program and Sony's toxic policy, while it and the "X-Box" (360?) take knocks for requiring their own power plants. The "X-Box" gets more red thrown on it for Microsoft's sluggish 2011 deadline for eliminating certain chemicals (PVCs and BFRs) from its wares. The Wii gets zeroes across the board again (for the same reasons as last time, nondisclosure) but nets a green point for a small energy footprint.


Sorry Greenpeace, but you aren't going to get kids' attention by using hackneyed versions of familiar game characters loaded up with a narrative that sounds like it was written by scabs for the writers strike hired for $1.50 in the bathroom of a truckstop and colored charts that don't really say anything about anything. And everyone knows form letters are worse than useless—if they were on paper, I'd have to give you an F for pointlessly wasting the life of a tree that would've been better used as firewood. [Clash of the Consoles]

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I see no new gadgets... I'm out of here.

Greenpeace is toxic. Am I the only one to notice that they use donated funds to buy 50 year old tramp steamers (the epitome of efficiency) to send their yuppie, coddled, lazy buddies to exotic vacations... er.... sorry, I mean protests around the world?

If they truly believe what they spout they would take bicycles and rowboats to wherever a tree needed hugging.