Greenpeace Invades Apple's Headquarters

Earlier this morning, Greenpeace launched a full offensive against Apple's Cupertino headquarters. First, in the middle of the night, they projected messages onto the main façade of Infinite Loop. Later, they placed an Apple-branded pod right on the door, inside Apple's property.

You can see the pod in this image. Inside the pod there were two people wearing "iPhone costumes." O course—when you protest against Apple it's either that or spinning rainbow beach ball costumes.


Their whining didn't last long. Cupertino's police came into the scene and arrested them. Apparently, they were "broadcasting audio messages from people around the world to Apple's employees and executives". Messages protesting against Apple's usage of electricity produced by coal-fueled thermal power plants for their cloud servers.

Well, I'm not a fan of Greenpeace but I've to agree completely with them on this one: Apple should stop using coal and use nuclear power instead.


But, seriously, I've two questions about this. The first: how the hell did they manage to get the pod right on Apple's door? I've been there many times and, the moment you stop to take a photo or anything else, a guard will come to tell you that you can't stand there.

And the second question: who the hell is driving that Ferrari?


Police grabs the Greenpeace activists.


Projection of tweets against the façade.

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