The mysterious Russian company Gresso Ltd. likes to make fancy stuff out of African Blackwood such as its luxury cellphones we've shown you, and now those ritzy Russians make a foray into MP3 players with the Gresso Symphonia Collection. The players are also made of that seriously hard wood that's obliquely appropriate for a music player, since African Blackwood is highly prized in the manufacture of concert-quality clarinets and oboes.


The Gresso Symphonia Collection will be available this spring in various combinations of African Blackwood with white or pink gold trim. So far, so good, but it gets goofy when you consider that such a high-priced bauble only has 1GB of internal flash memory, although the company does throw in an FM tuner. Look out, though, these 18-carat gold-encrusted gems will cost you between $4000 and $6500. C'mon, how hard would it have been to put at least 8GB in there? Sheesh.

Gresso Symphonia MP3 Player [Sybarites]