For when constantly monitoring your pictures and webcam feeds on MySpace isn't enough comes this keyboard from Greybuster. It is pink, has swirls, stars and includes a small vanity mirror that rests right between where the palms sit. Come on girls (and guys), updating your MySpace and Facebook profile every 15 minutes is enough, no need for a mirror to show how shallow the youth is today.

The crap doesn't end there...


Greybusters also makes a keyboard to appeal to goths, or maybe radiologists. It is black and has skeleton hands painted on. The rest of the Greybusters line of crappy keyboards includes desert, camouflage, aquarium, pineapple-wood, Tweety, Spongebob, Buddha (wtf?) and golf.

Greybusters Pink Multimedia Keyboard with Vanity Mirror [Chip Chick]