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Greyhound Bus Accidentally Dumps Bull Semen On a Highway. Everyone Is Confused

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A Greyhound bus was on a slightly-less-than normal trip to Texas this morning. Along with its passengers, it was carrying bull spunk. Bull spunk it dumped on a Tennessee highway. HAZMAT suits were called in. It was a serious mess.

The bull semen, kept frozen in four canisters, was on its way from Ohio to a breeding facility in Texas. But after Greyhound dropped the load, the canisters started to steam and kick up a foul odor... gross. Emergency crews shut down the on ramp near where the canisters fell, and it took three hours to clean up the site.


I just have one question: What's a Greyhound bus doing carrying bull semen in the first place? [Jalopnik]