GrinchModo: 99% of All Gadgets Unneeded, Spend Wisely This Friday

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Just a reminder to keep a cool head this Black Friday and only go for the stuff you or loved ones really need. Likely, the average Giz reader doesn't need 99% of the hardware written about on Gizmodo, as most of it is crap that does a marginally better job of whatever gadgets you already own. We're not here to get you to buy stuff, although the promotion of gear is a by-product of what we do. The best way to use Gizmodo is to educate yourself, as you enjoy the photos and videos and words, digest the gadgets via blog in the part of the brain that processes shiny new things, and poop it out to an area of your brain far away from the part that triggers impulse purchases. As a smart person, it is critical that you be able to distinguish between what gadgets are coming out, and what your personal buying patterns are. I know, it's hard, but it'll probably make us happier people in the end. Shut up, I do not sound like your shrink.
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If you need a new TV, you need one, however. It probably makes a lot more sense to pick up trailing-edge or mature technologies as opposed to the fresh stuff we pile into your RSS feeds every day. And although Black Friday sales are great, I've always suspected that January 1st is another good time to stock up on tech. And boy does this stuff get discounted when newer gear is announced at CES a few days later. Last year's model is the friend of your credit card statement. Having said that, gear is certainly sold ridiculously cheap this year. But evaluate those prices as you would any. Impulse buying feels good, like pulling the trigger in Halo, but I've lately been trying to think about what I'm shooting when I click "add to cart".

Of course, while I say that, I also happen to be blessed with a job where I benefit from being able to test the latest gear. I know, it's not fair, and it makes this rant somewhat hypocritical. So if you can't scratch that itch with last year's LCD tech, and must have an LED backlit one, I understand. One last tip before I shut up: One way my father always justified his unnecessary gadget purchases was to eBay old gadgets. Or donate hand-me-downs to his sons or friends or even charities to assuage the guilt and spread some good gadget-giving karma.

That's it. I just had to clear my conscience and spill that on you. Back to your regularly scheduled glut of shiny toys. Enjoy 'em in principle!


Scantron Crothers

That's sweet. I'm not particularly worried about Black Friday (Canada), but I've definitely been having serious consumer itch for a few days now. Actually trying to find stuff to buy. If I have to try, how much do I really need what I decide on?

Thanks, Brian.