One Grip Bag Holders, which give you a firm handle on grocery bags you can loop into its carabiner design, are a special invention to me. Here's why:

Contrary to popular advice, I live to go grocery shopping when I'm super hungry. Pulling armfuls of food off the shelves into my waiting cart never feels more satisfying, and I usually end up with the kind of splurge food that I love but would otherwise avoid. (Chips a Hoy, and Lay's Jalapeño Kettle Potato chips, I'm talking about you.)


Problem is, when I get home, I run into my other pointless man-habit: Trying to carry 12-16 grocery bags inside the house at once. You can do 4-5 per arm, by roping them around your wrists, but then fragiles begin to pack down under their own weight; like a whale beached and slowly crushing itself under its own mass. Which brings me, in this very round about way, to the One Grip Bag Holders, that let you pile on a few bags in your hand, below the pivot point on your wrist.

I predict a total carry load, between wrists and hands, of about 16 bags total. Perfect, because making two trips to the car is something I'd rather avoid.

And if $12.99 worth of plastic is what'll take, so be it.

Set of 2 One Grip Bag Holders [via the Great UberReview]