Linux and open source aficionados might want to thank Grundig for its U900 cellphnone, which we somehow overlooked at 3SGM. The clamshell won't win any awards for unique or inspired design, but the fact that it's based on Linux should make more than a few of you wet like October. We're also partial to the UMTS support. It even has two built-in cameras: a 2-megapixel one for still shots and a VGA one for video. The phone is also one of the first to run on an single core, single chip architecture. While that generally leads to cheaper prices, it also complicates that whole "let's throw Linux on it!" scenario.

Probably the most significant Linux-based cellphone so far was the Greenphone. It lets developers acually—gasp!—develop applications for the phone. Crazy. Motorola got into the Linux game a little while ago, too, but they haven't exactly taken off in popularity.


Single-core Linux phone hits the market []

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