Meet guest editor Peter Serafinowicz—aka Darth Maul, Sctanley or "that Mactini guy"—on Twitter today at 5pm ET (2pm PT) for a technology-themed edition of his hilarious Q&A improv sessions. Update: It's started.

For the uninitiated, here are some past #PSQA classics:

@nukungfu: What do ninjas wear in bed?
#PSQA Ninjamas

@karnzter: How do you see yourself after 20 years?
#PSQA Using my detachable hover-eyes

@shh_x: Explain irony?
#PSQA What Iron Man is.

@purplesnap: What should Apple call their tablet computer?
#PSQA The Pill

@alovegame: What would your pirate name be?
#PSQA ‘Bittorrent Bill'

@hannibalv: What is the most dangerous sport?
#PSQA Murder golf

@GraemeF: How does one make a hot toddy?
#PSQA Step 1: Heat toddy.

@Rocktastrophe: What was the sexiest dinosaur?
#PSQA The Tyrannosaurus Sex

@endless_psych: Did Shakespeare like bananas?
#PSQA I think you're confusing him with an infinite number of monkeys.

@carlmaxim: What is your favourite conspiracy theory?
#PSQA I don't believe any conspiracy theories exist.

@obliriovrons: What is the "e" in e-mail short for?
#PSQA "envelopeless"

@1simonharris: What's the best month of the year?
#PSQA Awesember.

@Rocktastrophe: What's the new black?
#PSQA ‘Black Pro'

Follow Peter at @Serafinowicz, and if you want him to see your question, make sure to hashtag your tweet with #PSQA. We'll run the best questions and Peter's answers tomorrow on Giz.


BTW, for some of you who are curious as to the delay in getting started with Peter's guest editorship, I recommend you read the international section of better newspapers—there's been a lot going on back in the UK, and it kinda screwed with our timing. Damned politicians!