Guest Editor Peter Serafinowicz Q&A Improv Today at 5pm ET

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Meet guest editor Peter Serafinowicz—aka Darth Maul, Sctanley or "that Mactini guy"—on Twitter today at 5pm ET (2pm PT) for a technology-themed edition of his hilarious Q&A improv sessions. Update: It's started.


For the uninitiated, here are some past #PSQA classics:

@nukungfu: What do ninjas wear in bed?
#PSQA Ninjamas

@karnzter: How do you see yourself after 20 years?
#PSQA Using my detachable hover-eyes

@shh_x: Explain irony?
#PSQA What Iron Man is.

@purplesnap: What should Apple call their tablet computer?
#PSQA The Pill

@alovegame: What would your pirate name be?
#PSQA ‘Bittorrent Bill'

@hannibalv: What is the most dangerous sport?
#PSQA Murder golf

@GraemeF: How does one make a hot toddy?
#PSQA Step 1: Heat toddy.

@Rocktastrophe: What was the sexiest dinosaur?
#PSQA The Tyrannosaurus Sex

@endless_psych: Did Shakespeare like bananas?
#PSQA I think you're confusing him with an infinite number of monkeys.

@carlmaxim: What is your favourite conspiracy theory?
#PSQA I don't believe any conspiracy theories exist.

@obliriovrons: What is the "e" in e-mail short for?
#PSQA "envelopeless"

@1simonharris: What's the best month of the year?
#PSQA Awesember.

@Rocktastrophe: What's the new black?
#PSQA ‘Black Pro'

Follow Peter at @Serafinowicz, and if you want him to see your question, make sure to hashtag your tweet with #PSQA. We'll run the best questions and Peter's answers tomorrow on Giz.

BTW, for some of you who are curious as to the delay in getting started with Peter's guest editorship, I recommend you read the international section of better newspapers—there's been a lot going on back in the UK, and it kinda screwed with our timing. Damned politicians!



It looks as if Peter's face is aging twice as fast as the rest of him.