Guitar Hero 4 Guitar to Have More Buttons?

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If you look at the guitar pictured in the Guitar Hero promo page you will notice what looks like new buttons on the base of the fretboard. Knowing about the expanded new drums, this could mean that they are going to increase the complexity of the guitars too, requiring even more dexterity than previous versions. Note to Guitar Hero people: no matter how complex you make it, it still won't be a real guitar. [Guitar Hero—thanks Alex]




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I enjoy many kinds of music games from beatmania to rock band and it always irks me that some elitist real guitar players feel the need to tell you those who play guitar hero should pick up the real thing.

they probably feel threatened that their art has been reduced to a "simplistic" game and no one truely appreciates the skill and thought that goes into music. Do these naysayers have any ounce of fun in them? who gives a fuck. Do they expect me to invest years and years of my time so I can form a band and execute a cover of bark at the moon flawlessly? Get off your damn soapbox and join in on the co-op fun!