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Guitar strings? Where we're going we don't need strings.

Illustration for article titled Guitar strings? Where were going we dont need strings.

Enter the cool yet incredibly untested HyperTouch Guitar. What's its speciality? Lacks strings. The guitarist plays it using an intricate touchpad. The pad is wildly customizable, but something tells me it's not going to replace string guitars just yet.


Oh, it's also just a crazy design over at Yanko, so there's that dubious fact to add to the huge pile of doubt too.

Nevertheless, for a concept it's entirely believable even if the sound and nuance of a string instrument is quite safe from touchscreen upheaval for the time being. Ke$ha will probably have it in one of her "concerts" soon. [Yanko via DVICE]


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I have no problem with these replacing real guitars if they produce the same sound.

I just don't want to deal with purists claiming that it's missing the zippy noise of a pick sliding along a bass string. That kind of noise adds nothing to the song and is an unfortunate byproduct of the way guitars are made.