Gyration M2000 Travel Air-Mouse Offers Greater Precision in Air or Desktop

The new Gyration M2000 Travel Air-Mouse works in the air using their new UltraSense 5-degrees-of-freedom motion sensor technology, which is what their media center remote uses too. It also works over any surface, thanks to its built-in laser surface sensor. It only weighs 3.9 ounces, so don't worry: you won't be doing any significant exercise while waving the $70 Air-Mouse, which will be available in Q1 2008.


New UltraSense Chip Enables "Five Degrees of Freedom," Offering OEMS a
Superior Motion-Sensing Solution

Saratoga, California, September 27, 2007 - Gyration, Inc., the industry
leader in motion-sensing controllers, today announced the next
generation of human motion-sensing technology. UltraSense technology
includes multiple motion sensors and a core control chip containing a
sophisticated set of patented algorithms, power management features and
integration capabilities. It offers "five degrees of freedom" and
breakthrough sensing accuracy for consumer control devices for PC, PC-TV
integration, gaming and set top box applications.

Manufacturers of mice, virtual reality and gaming consoles, remote
controls and mobile devices can all benefit from this superior
technology for quick, low cost and patent-protected implementation for
consumer devices. The UltraSense design provides all the sub system
integration and signal processing required to guarantee "perfect motion
control", with two rotational and three linear axes of motion detection.
With complete I/O flexibility, UltraSense allows for dynamic adjustments
of key parameters at a system level for new motion sensing device

"Our efforts to continually advance our core technology have resulted in
the dynamic new UltraSense," said Tom Quinn, president of Gyration.
"Our manufacturing and licensing partners will not only find UltraSense
to be superior in performance, but also a simple, expandable and
cost-effective solution for a broad range of applications."

UltraSense features significant improvements in drift, roll
compensation, resolution, power state control and many other critical
motion control specifications. In addition, the control chip is a mere
5mm x 6mm x 0.85 mm, and requires less power and significantly improves
start-up time in devices. UltraSense also allows for dynamic, real-time
adjustment of many key parameters, allowing for on-the-fly customization
in order to fine tune the user experience as the background applications
and user interfaces change.

Gyration will have samples available for OEMs in the fourth quarter of
2007 and will begin to sell solutions in Q1 2008. Offering OEMs a
variety of affordable options, the UltraSense chip will be available
either on a daughterboard with controller chip and all sensors; a motion
controller chip only; or via technology licenses. UltraSense will not
only improve the functionality of motion devices for consumers, but the
new technology solution options will also provide easy, rapid
implementation for OEMs in designing their next generation of


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