DJ TechTools has updated its arcade button Midi Fighter midi controller with a 3D gyroscope allowing parameters like pitch and volume to be controlled by simply moving it about. But only DJs with a penchant for performing might be interested.


The Midi Fighter 3D includes the same 16-button array of arcade-like buttons as its predecessor, that can be used as midi triggers and configured through an included piece of software that also allows the color of each button to be customized.

The previous version was designed to stay perched next to a set of turntables, providing an easy way for DJs to trigger songs, sounds, or even digital effects during a performance. But thanks to the gyro and a digital compass, the 3D version lets them pick it up and move it about to further enhance their stage performance.

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The Midi Fighter 3D was originally set to be unveiled at NAMM earlier in the year, but it's only recently become available for pre-order for $250, shipping sometime in April. So in the meantime I guess the DJs of the world will have to stick to lasers and smoke machines to keep their acts interesting. [DJ TechTools via Cnet]

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