H-Racer Toy Hydrogen Car

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The H-Racer from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is a palm-sized toy hydrogen car with its own fuel cell refueling station that creates hydrogen fuel by combining solar power and water. Watch the blinking lights and the hydrogen bubbling up in your little fuel station, and then dispense a tiny amount of hydrogen fuel into the H-Racer. Then it's off to the races!

The car is a working model, but the site doesn't tell us how you control the thing. Perhaps it just takes off and then you go running down the street, chasing it until the fuel runs out. Now all they have to do is just bring this baby up to full size and add a steering wheel. Yeah, that oughta happen in about 200 years or so. But this tiny version will be available next month for around $80 at specialty stores.

Product page [Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, via Jalopnik]