Hackers Hacked the Hackers' AnonPlus Social Network

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My brain hurts trying to keep all the different factions of hackers in line. After being booted off Google+, Anonymous started building their own site, AnonPlus—which has now been hacked by a group calling themselves "TURKIYE."

While it could be some elaborate joke played out on us ordinary non-hackin' folk, to grab more headlines and attention to their mission, AnonPlus' website apparently did show the following message late yesterday:


This logo suits you more..How dare you rise against to the World..Do you really think that you are Ottoman Empire?
We thought you before that you cannot challenge with the world and we teach you cannot be social
Now all of you go to your doghouse.."


The garbled English and mentions of Turkiye and Akincilar suggest whoever hacked Anonymous' site originates from Turkey, perhaps even the town of Akincilar, which lies in Turkey's Sivas Province. Considering Akincilar has a population of just 4,779, that should narrow the suspects down somewhat—and I'm sure of all people, the Anonymous crew has the means to hunt down whoever wronged them.

While the AnonPlus website has reverted back to its messageboard, the users seem angry, with someone passing themselves off (legitimately or otherwise) as the creator of AnonPlus writing that:

"It seems the hacker group AKINCILAR decided we were offering too much freedom for the average person and needed us stopped. This is the most ignorant thing i have ever seen. I knew having anon anywhere in our social networks name might cause confusion but this recent defacement just shows how OUT OF CONTROL the anon sheep actually are."


It also seems that the Anonymous group—or at least a splinter cell of Anonymous—has grander views of themselves than the rest of the world thinks, writing "we are journalists not hackers." [AnonPlus via Escapist Magazine]

UPDATE: Turkish reader Doruk told me that while Akincilar is a Turkish town, it is also "a term in [the] Ottoman army which means raiders or something like that. The reason behind their action is actually Anonymous' past attack on [the] Turkish government's websites...This "Ottoman raider" guys considered it as an attack on our country and with their most nationalistic feelings they attacked back."


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