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Your friendly, neighborhood UPS store might have been hacked. UPS just confirmed that 51 stores across 24 states in the United States had malware capable of recording credit card information and sending it to third parties on its in-store cash registers.


If you swiped your card at any of these, your details are probably being sold on the black market right now.

UPS started investigating its system at the end of July after the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning to retailers about hackers trying to target remote access systems designed to allow employees to access corporate networks from afar.


The only bit of "good news" is that less than 1 percent of UPS stores were affected, which means that this breach is unlikely to be as big as last year's shitstorm at Target where 40 million customers had their card details stolen through hacked registers. In fact, says The New York Times, the same gang of European criminals that masterminded that hack and many, many, many others, is responsible for this one too.

UPS has put up a list of affected stores on its website, so if you visited any of them in the last few months, it's a good idea to get a new credit card. [The New York Times]

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