Hail Satan: A Map of All the Places Named After the Devil Himself

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Hell exists, and it's right here on earth. Or at least, it does in name. Designer Jonathan Hull has made a map of all the places with names derived from the devil.

Hull was inspired to make the map when he was walking through hell the Utah wilderness, and kept running across places with monikers like Valley of the Gods and Devil's Garden. If he had mapped every single hell-related name, he would have had a much more extensive map, so he stuck with basically "devil" and "hell" and a couple of slight variations. The result is still incredibly thorough—Maybe you'd heard of the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood in New York City. But did you know how many Devil's Lakes there are? Or that there's a Route 666 in the Southwest? Or that there's a town on the Utah border called Beezlebub?

Head over to Visualizing see the map in all its fullscreen glory. It is delightfully devilish. [Visualizing via FastCo]