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Hailee Steinfeld's nerdy nail art just made our day

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Clearly, Hailee Steinfeld knows how to do Comic-Con right. The Ender's Game actress showed up to this years con with all sorts of delightful fan art on her nails. We spy comic book "Pows," Lichtenstein inspired eyes, and oh heck yeah — her thumbs are the Dragon and Salamander army sigils from Ender's Game. This changes everything. UPDATE NOW WITH HIGH RES IMAGES.

We didn't even think about SDCC nail art, SO JEALOUS.


UPDATE: Now with new high res photos!


The thumbs are Salamander and Dragon from Ender's Game, in which she plays Petra Arkanian (her character's name is also on her nail, ADORABLE).

Photo Credit: Getty Images


Thumb image via Silaslesnick twitter account.