If you're easily nauseated by super-saturated displays of adorableness, you'll want to look away as soon as possible. Because Hallmark has created a series of plush Star Wars toys that push the limits of cute to the outer rim—and well beyond. Remember how intimidating Chewbacca was when you were a kid? Now he's cuter than a puppy and kitten combined.


Hallmark's itty bittys (I feel a cavity coming on after just typing that) are now available as your favorite characters from the original Star Wars trilogy, including droids, Jawas, and Wookiees. Individually they're about $7 a piece, but some are only available in two-packs or four-packs for $15 or $30 respectively.

And if your favorite character is MIA, Hallmark will be revealing a new two-pack at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration in mid-April, and additional two-packs at Comic Con in San Diego and New York later in the year. Even Emperor Palpatine will probably be hard to resist once given the itty bittys treatment. [Hallmark via CNET]

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