Hallowe'en Comes Two Weeks Early In This Week's Comics

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It's quite clearly heading towards Hallowe'en judging by this week's new releases to comic book stores, which are suitably full of monsters, ghosts, things that go bump in the night... and Stephen Colbert. Quite how he fits in, we're leaving up to your imagination, but as always on Tuesdays at 9am, these are New Comics We Crave.

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What would be the most ridiculous Hallowe'en tie-in book of the week? It's a tough one, I have to admit. I'm actually cautiously looking forward to IDW's Ghostbusters: The Other Side (the first issue comes out tomorrow). The spooky goings-on in their Grant Morrison's Doctor Who are even more tempting: It's the first of two collections of Morrison's short run on the Marvel comic version of the series from the late '80s, with Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy versions of the character. Image's kid-friendly Dear Dracula also has plenty of potential to be charming, and who can resist something called Hulk Monster-Size Special? Luckily, DC come through with a truly goofy-sounding series called, I shit you not, Superman and Batman Vs. Vampires and Werewolves - and tomorrow's first issue is just the first of six issues of the crazy. But if the ooky and the spooky aren't for you, don't worry. DC also has James Robinson's Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen oneshot, while Marvel wants you to try paperback versions of the revamped Spider-Man (in Spider-Man: Brand New Day volume 1) and their latest space saga (in Annihilation: Conquest volume 1), as well as the first issue of their "Will Storm get a divorce from the Black Panther?" series X-Men: Worlds Apart. For our money, Storm's best appearance is in this week's hilarious issue of Marvel Adventures: Avengers. If Jeff Parker was going to write the Avengers movie, we'd be in line for tickets right now.

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The star of the week isn't a monster, unless you happen to have fallen for his faux right-wing pundit schtick. Yes, Stephen Colbert doesn't just get to guest-star in this week's Amazing Spider-Man, he also has the long-delayed third issue of his very own Tek Jansen series materialize in stores as well. Get them both and compare which version captures the coy cheesiness most appropriately. All the Colbert you can stomach and more can be found in the complete list of this week's new comic releases here, which is only a gateway drug to the Comic Shop Locator Service's cruel helpfulness to find where to spend all your money. We're claiming no responsibility for any of this, of course.



Slow week, eh?