Illustration for article titled Halo 3 Toy Weapons Have Realistic Light, Sound, Recoil, and Vents When Overheated

Playing make-believe Halo 3 with your friends in the backyard is fun enough with cardboard boxes for helmets and aluminum foil for guns, but what if you had a real replica plasma rifle? Jasman Toys is bringing its line of Halo 3 Covenant (bad guys) weapons with Laser Pursuit technology to Comic-Con this week. Each weapon will have an infrared beam that registers hits on an LCD counter, lights, recoil, and a heating vent that opens up when the thing "overheats". Very awesome, until you come to the MSRP of $119 for the Plasma Rifle and $79 for the Plasma Pistol. We'll train our kids to use their imagination. That's free. [ActionFigureInsider via Xbox360Fanboy]


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