Hand-Carved Wooden iPod Cases Deliver a Touch of Class

Illustration for article titled Hand-Carved Wooden iPod Cases Deliver a Touch of Class

While these iPod Touch cases aren't the most pocketable or practical cases out there, they're beautiful and unique enough to warrant sharing. Handcrafted from cedar and mahogany, they feature really lovely detailing and look to be really high quality. They range in price from $31 to $80 and come in a variety of styles. The version above is carved out of a single, solid piece of sustainable-grown mahogany, which is a big step up from whatever plasticky crap you currently wrap your iPod in. [Product Page via Technabob]


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aww giz com'on!

i totally am for something cheaper when it comes to hand made. but you cannot beat the iwood. HA. i just reread the last part of that sentence. terrible.

but seriously; check this out:


these are a little pricey, but they have everything you could want for a sleek real wooden design.

they're around 80$ if i remember correctly.

but i've been on [etsy.com] before, and they do sell quality stuff, who wouldn't want to buy something hand made if you're into crafts?