Handcrafted Breastfeeding and Birthing Dolls Are Adorably, Oddly NSFW

MamAmor Dolls are the umbilical-intact, placenta-producing creation of Adriana Guerra, a doula in Canada, with three home-birthed children of her own.

The dolls ($130-$145) can be used as educational tools "to demonstrate normal, natural birth, breastfeeding and bonding," and also to help prepare sibling for the arrival of a new baby.

MamAmor Dolls are intended for children 3-years-old and above, though the website says that with proper supervision—probably to ensure no one chokes on any woven placenta—"they can be used in play with younger children as well."

Slip your fingers in the slit between the dolls' legs and you'll find a tiny felt infant tethered by its ropey umbilical cord to a puffy red disk—the placenta. In place of nipples, the mother doll's breasts are adorned with snaps—the kind you'd find on clothing—onto which the baby's snap-mouth can clasp as though breastfeeding.

There are a lot of weird WTF children's toys on the market—other breastfeeding dolls, peeing dolls—and some remarkably "advanced" adult dolls, too. But these MamAmor Dolls are a kind of WTF twee seemingly unmatched by any other. [MamAmorDolls]


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