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Ok, so the Manual Power Europe gyroscope isn't the highest-tech gadget we've laid eyes on, but when it says it's based on Newton's First Law, who could resist it? Basically, you're turning the rotor, which is producing energy and then forwarding it on to a cellphone.

The gyroscope can also store the energy in a built-in battery which you can stick into various other things, like a flashlight. Oh, and in case you thought this was useless, the company also believes you'll be strengthening your hand, wrists and arms while you're cranking it. My buddy has something similar to this (Hi, Zoe!) and he said it was good for carpal tunnel syndrome or whatever. Perfect for improving that squash game, or whatever else you can think up. I'll leave that to you. And enjoy the what-looks-to-be-naked girl on the front page of the website.


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