Hands On: MSI's Dual-Screen Tablet Concept

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So MSI apparently has no plans to actually release this dual-screen, Windows 7 tablet, but I stopped by the booth to play around with it anyway. It's pretty impractical, but hey! Two screens! Update: It's now in development.


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It's clearly not meant for actual release—the touchscreen was very temperamental, the device as a whole was super slow and they hadn't made enough changes to Windows 7 to make that dual-screen setup worthwhile. The standard Windows 7 soft keyboard is pretty mediocre, and if this was a real product I'd probably criticize it more. On a basic level, you can tell this is a mere proof of concept—they just slapped two screens together, with no thought as to what benefits that setup might give.

The hardware, on the other hand, is surprisingly nice—it's super thin and light, the two 10-inch screens definitely keep it netbook-sized, and the brushed metal finish is really nice. But it's all kind of a moot point—MSI's got no plans to bring this to market. Still, cool idea, even if it's pointless so far. [MSI]

Update: I just spoke to a representative from MSI whose English is significantly better than that of the reps at the booth, and he says the product is not purely conceptual. Apparently it's in a 15-18 month development cycle, which means it's nearing release, but they want to wait for the Apple Tablet to make sure they're on the right track to compete. The reason this version ran so badly was due to its reliance on a very slow (designed for MIDs) Intel Menlow processor, and hopefully they'll swap that out for (at the very least) an Atom, or maybe a Snapdragon or Tegra. Anyway, sorry for the misunderstanding, and we'll keep you updated as the product inches closer to release.


Tony Kaye ⌨

Why even build something that's impractical? That seems...impractical.

I like it. Any word on why they aren't releasing it beyond the fact that it's 'impractical'.