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Otterbox 1900 & 2600: PDA protection for rugged sports

The Skinny A waterproof, crushproof case that can be dropped from 4 feet without damaging your product. Qwerty keypad can accept backlight from the Treo. Hard cover can fold back to reveal thin (also waterproof) screen for touch interfacing. Blackberry wheel works as well.


Geared Toward X Games competitors, guys going through mid-life crisis in Africa

The Spin Otterbox rep actually stood on their new laptop case to show off its support. He was also "very enthused".

Counterspin The otter is possibly the world's cutest animal, which is probably influencing our response. We're going to put one of their samples to the test later...


Buy It If... You can't unplug during your rafting adventures or Gallagher shows.