Hands-On Video Of BlackBerry Magnum Shows Marriage Of Touchscreen and QWERTY

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Leaked photos of the BlackBerry Magnum (aka, a cross between a Bold 9000 and Storm, aka, my DREAM BlackBerry) didn't manage to illustrate that touchscreen well, but how 'bout a video fondling?

While The Cellular Guru's Magnum was just a prototype, lacking in a working OS, he was able to demonstrate the touchscreen display and Bold 9000-type aesthetics. As someone who's owned both the 9000 and 9700, I've got to say I'm pleased to see a return to the more premium build quality, though I'm hopeful the back will be made with the same leatherette finish (the prototype in the video was missing the back cover).


Other notables are the larger keyboard, optical trackpad and micro USB port. It remains to be seen whether the touchscreen will improve on the first and second-gen Storm's efforts, but here's hoping it'll be more responsive. I don't think my little heart could take the pain of having a touchscreen QWERTY 'berry with a buggy display.

Check out the video for the intimate fondling of the Magnum (and comparison between the 9000 and 9700), and with any luck we won't have to wait too long for this device to get the official nod, with Mobile World Congress just weeks away. [The Cellular Guru]