Hang These Polyhedrons Wherever You Need Some Colorful Geometry

Like all good things, the pretty Themis Mobile also requires a little work. This floating DIY sculpture by Swedish designer Clara von Zweigbergk will bring a bright burst of color to a sunny room—after you've taken a refresher in high school geometry class.

What I love about this mobile is that it requires a bit of assembly so it also teaches you about the shapes themselves. While the pieces look like they're carved out of blond wood, they're actually printed on neon-printed heavy cardstock that you have to put together at home, so you'll have fun (presumably) re-learning exactly how many sides are on a dodecahedron.


While this mobile could ostensibly go anywhere, it's a great solution to hang over a baby's crib since the mobile is soft and lightweight. That's where I'm putting mine, where I'm also hoping it will help my child learn geometry somewhat better than her mother. $37. [Poketo]

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