Hanging Bike Beacons Show Cars Where You're Coming From

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Fixed-gear bikes are a testament to minimalist styling, however most light mounting hardware isn't. The BikeLit aims to rectify the situation by simply hanging on.


The BikeLit by Nite Ize uses two LED beacons — one white, forward-facing that clips to the front brake cables and one red, rear-facing that hooks to the saddle rails. By putting the lights out at the very edges of the bike, you're more easily delineated than if you were, say, wearing a helmet light and rear flasher in your belt loop. The two-color system also helps oncoming traffic orient which way you're travelling faster and more instinctively. And the complete lack of mounting hardware means you can you can be seen without cluttering your handle bars.

Each light weighs 23g and runs for 20 hours in steady glow mode or 25 hours in flashing. $8 each or $14 for the pair at Nite Ize. [Nite Ize via Wired]



Please do yourself a favor and if you only have ONE rear red light, let it burn STEADY.

It is virtually impossible to estimate distance to a flashing light correctly. If you must have a flashing light, get a second light and put it up on your helmet to attract attention but far enough from the steady light to allow proper range estimation.