Hangover Car Seat Coat Hanger: No Drunkenness Required

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Are you forced to wear that monkey suit to work every day? No wonder you have a hangover. But we're not talking about that kind of hangover; we're trying to make your life easier by showing you this Hangover, a sturdy-looking chrome hanger that attaches to your car's headrest, giving you a smart place to hang that jacket. This looks like it sure beats hanging clothes on that hook next to the blind spot in your car that already obstructs 30% of your view, so the Hangover can add convenience and safety to your daily commute.


Hey, wait a sec. If I were sitting in the rear seat, I certainly wouldn't want to tangle with this metal object in a quick-stop situation. But you can attach and remove this thing easily, and the makers do recommend removing it when someone is sitting in the backseat. With that issue settled, this Hangover may well be the hair of the dog that bit ya, a sensible way to spend $31 to keep that jacket looking snappy every morning. How can you get one?

We've seen some hangers similar to this, but none were as easy to install and remove or as well-constructed. These are made in Australia, but the manufacturer tells us it's making a push into the US market. The site lists the price as $38.50 in Australian dollars, but Hangover reps say they've been getting lots of orders from the US, however, they didn't specify shipping costs. We've asked them to note that on their site.


As for that monkey suit—hang in there! Casual Friday's coming!

Product Page [Hangover]

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