Hannibal, Stripper Choruses And Superheroes Invade This Week's Comics

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Those who worry that no-one's around to save the world have nothing to fear with this week's superhero-heavy new comic releases. But for the superpower-phobic, there's still a lot to choose from... including something to make Glen Larson proud.


If superheroes are your reading bread and butter, then you're in for a sandwich feast this week: Between Marvel's one-off special issues (Wolverine: Mr. X, The Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange, Hulk: Let Battle Begin and a return for the returned WWII heroes The Twelve in The Twelve: Spearhead) and DC's launching of status-quo altering storylines (Justice League: The Rise And Fall one-shot, set around Green Arrow and his former sidekick, Arsenal, and the first issue of Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton), you'd think you'd be pretty full of costumed derring-do.

But you'd be wrong! Because there's Avenging to be done in the Avengers/X-Men: Utopia collection and Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Unleashed series. There's also a superhero sitcom in the indie book <em.Super Real, and even the potential launch of new careers in new talent showcase anthology Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way.

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Of course, there's every possibility that you want more from your comics than just superheroes. In that case, I'd like to draw your attention to Oni Press' supernatural thriller Ghost Projekt, which we previewed a few weeks back. ALso, there's the first volume of DC's wonderful Greek Street (as well as their videogame tie-in Prototype), Marvel's Ender's Game Command School hardcover and the collection of the first two storylines from IDW's faithful Doctor Who (under the name Doctor Who: Fugitive).

Also: If you're feeling nostalgic, and no-one else can help, maybe you could pick up The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding, the first issue of a new prologue to this summer's blockbuster franchise revamp which may not be science fiction, but, come on: You've seen what BA can do with the contents of a barn, right?


As ever, these are just some of the new releases hitting comic stores this week; you can find a full list here, before finding the location of your local store here. Feel free to wander in and tell everyone that you love it when a plan comes together.



Anyone wanna fill me in on what has been going on with Green Arrow? I haven't read any comics in forever, but GA was one of my monthlies. I stopped reading right after GA and Black Canary had their wedding.