Happy 25th Anniversary, Compact Disc

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Today the compact disc (or "CD" as the hipsters are calling it) turns 25. I know how you feel, CD. After 24, when you can rent a car and trash the shit out of it for only like an extra $50 in insurance, it's all downhill. But since Philips and Sony developed your form and birthed you in Langenhagen, Germany, more than 200 billion CDs have sold.

The secret to your success? I think it's not the "futuristic" silver finish, but a sweet spot of form factor that, while not as small as today's MP3 players, drove the success of DVDs and possibly next-gen DVDs as well. Happy anniversary/birthday Mrs/Mrss CD. Would anyone like to share their special CD moments with the rest of the class? I remember buying the Jewel "Pieces of You" for makeout music. I honestly don't remember if I ever "used" the CD. [pcnews]

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The CD looks warped in that picture.

Ah, CD, you're showing your age. All those years of binge drinking, going straight in to the hottest clubs while those LPs had to wait outside in line, looking sad at the fact that they were going from the It girl to waiting for the retro-cool effect to happen - staring a long career in infomercials square in the face - those years, they have worn on you. Make way for MP3, that little b!@#H in the skimpy skirt and tube top, not sagging at all, very waif-like.

Sorry about that. Yeah, CDs had a good run, I still have thousands taking up way too much space. First CD: Paul McCartney's "All The Best" I still own it.