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Happy 50th Birthday, Nikon F Mount

Illustration for article titled Happy 50th Birthday, Nikon F Mount

Nikon's F lens mount turns 50 years old this year. It brought SLR cameras into the mainstream, and all Nikon's DSLRs still use it, meaning you can (usually) use lenses that are 50 years old.


Its longevity is nifty, as its 50-year history means you can take advantage of lenses crafted long before your DSLR. But as BoingBoing Gadgets reader Mat Halprin points out, Nikon yet to do anything wicked like release an anniversary DSLR that looks like the old school F-series camera pictured above, but stuffed with a D700 sensor, or something else that would tap that history while making us drool at the same time. We demand sexy history, dammit.


In the meantime, how do you think Nikon should celebrate? [Nikon BoingBoing Gadgets, Image: darksida/Flickr ]

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Seeing that picture reminds me that my dad had one of those Nikons way back when. It's now a moral imperative to get that lens and mount it on my digital SLR.