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Happy Holidays! AT&T Is Still Throttling Your Unlimited Data

Illustration for article titled Happy Holidays! ATT Is Still Throttling Your Unlimited Data

A month after the FTC announced that it was suing AT&T for throttling the mobile internet speed for unlimited data customers, a new report shows that the wireless company is throttling even more customers than previously thought. It looks like 4G LTE customers now get to enjoy half-megabit speeds. That's so slow it basically renders your phone useless.


Well, isn't this a nice little dose of the holiday spirit? AT&T seems perfectly happy offering new customers throttle-free data plans, but those who've been grandfathered in on older unlimited plans continue to get screwed over. While AT&T did limit data throttling on most legacy unlimited plans to times of high network congestion, an Ars Technica investigation shows that the wireless carrier is still throttling LTE customers after they've used 5GB of data, regardless of network congestion. This is especially insulting, since LTE customers have invested in the better technology to get the fastest data speeds. And they're paying for unlimited data, not limited unlimited data.

AT&T is obviously well aware of all of this. All non-LTE customers can expect to get their data throttled after they've used 3-gigabytes, but the throttling is only supposed to happen in a congested area. "Once technologically available, we expect to adopt the same model for customers with 4G LTE smartphones on unlimited plans sometime in 2015," AT&T spokesperson Seth Bloom told Gizmodo in an email.


The FCC's been putting an increasing amount of pressure on all wireless carriers to stop this throttling business. But why would they do that when it helps them make more profit? Maybe if companies like AT&T and Verizon throw enough money at killing net neutrality, everyone will just shut up about it. [Ars Technica]

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I'm one of those grandfathered customers. Is it just Sprint now that doesn't throttle?