Hardcore Reactor Custom PC Slides All Its Components Into Oil

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Behold, every custom PC fanboy's wet dream: The Reactor. It's a sleek, black aluminum case with tons of hard drives (both swappable and integrated), an ultra-powerful processing chip, and three top-of-the-line video cards all begging to be overclocked thanks to the company's special oil submersed cooling system. That's right, the GPUs, CPU, power supplies, custom motherboard and three SSD drives are all completely dipped in oil. And it's only around $4000. Hardcore, the company making this custom monster, uses non-conductive oil to move thermals faster around all the PC's hottest components. It claims that the oil it uses is about 10 times more effective than simple air cooling, and doesn't require a noisy, clattering fan. What you get is a quiet machine that runs at ambient room temperature, no matter what craziness you're running on it. The main problem is that most of the components of the Hardcore Reactor is “proprietary.” Which means, if anything breaks down, there's only one place to order a new part from. And when a manufacturer comes out with something new, Reactor users will have to wait until Hardcore's figured out how to fit it into their oil chassis—a giant turn off for the type of PC user they're marketing to. But for that great a price point for this great a machine, this one's definitely one to watch. [Maximum PC]


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It's not as great of a deal as it seems.

I just tried to spec. one out on their website, and even with the lowest possible specs, it was still $4464.

That's a Q9550, 2GB of DDR3 ram, one 9800GTX, a single 750GB 7500RPM HDD and a DVD burner. For over 4 grand? I don't think so. Maxed out with no peripherals, it goes over 10k.