Has Sarah Connor Terminated Dollhouse?

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The rumormongers were wrong — despite uneven ratings, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles got a full-season order from Fox on Friday, but don't get out the party streamers just yet: This good news may come at the cost of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. Has the Whedon Fox Curse struck again?The Hollywood Reporter thinks that news of a full season for Terminator doesn't look too good for Dollhouse's prospects:

Fox's previously announced winter schedule pairs "Dollhouse" and "24" on Mondays and "American Idol" and "Fringe" on Tuesdays, without "Terminator" listed. So perhaps the network has a new scheduling configuration in mind to support its sci-fi efforts. Yet another potential factor is that "Dollhouse" has had some creative struggles. Sources say the newer scripts are stronger than the first batch, but if there's any chance of the show being delayed Fox might have decided to keep "Terminator" in the mix.

So where will the new episodes of Terminator go on the schedule? One of the running complaints about the season so far has been that Mondays at 8 are the wrong time for the show - Will the second half of the season run on a different night, or is it going to end up replacing the planning premiere of Dollhouse? And if it's the latter, what does that mean for Eliza Dushku's troubled mindwipe drama? Fox picks up 'Terminator' for full season [The Live Feed]