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Has Suicide Squad Cast Two of Batman's Most Famous Villains Already?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A photo from the Arrow set reveals a change coming for a major character. Set video from Chicago shows Lois Lane with Superman. James Gunn talks Guardians of the Galaxy 2. We've got more details for the Minority Report TV series and a mysterious new Flash character. Spoilers now!

Top image: Batman v. Superman

Suicide Squad

Jared Leto is reportedly being eyed to play a character in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, who may turn out to be the Joker. An unnamed source told The Wrap that Leto would replace Ryan Gosling, who didn't want to commit to a multi-film deal. Of course, we should take this all with a grain of salt. Both of these names were also making the rounds for Doctor Strange, so I guess it's possible these two both moved to Warner Bros. when that fell through. [The Wrap]


Add to this rumor the one that Margot Robbie has the job of Harley Quinn in the film. Collider has a source claiming that the deal has actually concluded and that an official announcement will be forthcoming. [ Collider]

Star Wars

More spoilers originating from concept art that someone has seen. This time it's three panels depicting a sandy set built at London's Pinewood Studios. In the first frame what looks like an Imperial shuttle crossed with a Sandcrawler lands in the night. It lands at a village seen in that set photo that was posted some time ago (see below) and in the distance is a structure built out of a crashed ship. Could this be the place that Daisy Ridley's character lives, as we've heard reported before? And from the ship:

Ascending from the ramp is a figure all in black with two Stormtroopers. You can see the hut from the photo above on fire. I believe in the photo above you can see the hut in the rear has scorch marks from the filming of this sequence already. The black figure in this painting is a little closer to the Revan styled design SWU posted recently (indeed additional concept art shows the evolution as being the same character). The figure in black is really doing a Darth Vader entrance, if you ask me.


In the second frame:

The background is now entirely in flames. One Stormtrooper lays on the ground. He's bleeding. There's blood on his hand and he holds it up to his Stormtrooper brother who attempts to save his life. The blood runs down his arm. His brother has three blood marks on his helmet where the trooper touched his face before he collapsed to the ground. In the background, Stormtroopers continue to advance with flamethrowers burning the village. Lasers whip past their helmets, depicting fierce resistance.

And the third flame has the entire village in flames and Darth Vader (a placeholder) seen from the back and flanked by Stormtroopers. The best guess for what is happening is a Stormtrooper hunt:

It appears the bad guys are hunting for John Boyega's character who is with "Kira" played by Daisy Ridley. I believe this signifies the "you can't go home" moment in the film. In A New Hope, Luke Skywalker rejects his call to adventure. In response, to make him take the journey, his home, along with his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru are burned alive by Stormtroopers.

It seems in The Force Awakens, "Kira" is put on her path with no turning back when the life she once knew is burned to the ground the Empire, just like Luke Skywalker. Her friends and her entire way of life are gone. If the rumors are true and she's a salvager, the bid station I've seen art for is burned in this sequence too. So "Kira" literally has no way of living or making a living on this planet after these events.


A source told Making Star Wars that they believe these scenes take place a but away from the space port built in Abu Dhabi and that the Empire faces resistance from the creatures seen in other concept art. [Making Star Wars]

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

James Gunn told The Playlist that he's had the story for the second film in his mind during the first film, and that there are answers coming:

I had the basic story for number two while I was working on number one, and perhaps even beyond that. So it's gonna answer a lot of questions that are proposed in the first one, and we'll be able to get to know some of the characters we didn't get to know in the first one a little bit more, and we might meet a few new characters too.


How much you want to bet that at least some of those "questions" relate to Peter Quill's father? [ The Playlist]

Batman v. Superman

Filming in Chicago has begun, with street closures over the weekend and helicopters filming Navy Pier and along the waterfront today. In the news report below, there's footage of a scene between Amy Adams (Lois Lane) and Henry Cavill in his Superman costume. [ Coming Soon, Fox Chicago]

Beyond Skyline

Frank Grillo will star in the Skyline sequel as a detective fighting to free his son from an alien warship. [Variety]



The film about zombie beavers will come out March 20th, 2015. [ Shock Till You Drop]


Game of Thrones

Looks like the next season will be giving a fair amount of time to the Boltons, since Charlotte Hope, who plays Myranda, says she'll be in four episodes of season 5. She mentions working with Mark Mylod and Jeremy Podeswa (episodes three through six) and David Nutter (the last few episodes). Since the character has a completely different role in the show than the Myranda of the books, there's every chance she's going to stand in for another little-seen book character in the Bolton storyline. Winter Is Coming speculates that she'll be playing the part that Jeyne Poole plays.


We also have David Hill talking about filming in Murlough Bay, which has been the Iron Islands and where Davos was shipwrecked. Neither location is likely to be in this season, especially the Iron Islands which the producers have confirmed will be missing. Hill has mentioned boat scenes in other Making Game of Thrones posts recently, so it could either be the site of Arya's ship or the other boat journeys we've seen started in season 4. [ Juego de Tronos and Making Game of Thrones via Winter Is Coming]

A since-taken-down video from the set shows six people being burned to death. It looks like more from Daznak's Pit, which lends more credence to the rumors of what major plot point will be showing up in season five. [ Sploid]


Sleepy Hollow

Sakina Jaffrey talked a bit about her character, Sheriff Reyes, and the history she has with Sleepy Hollow:

One of our co-EPs/writers Albert Kim said, "Well, she grew up in Sleepy Hollow. She had a father who worked at Sing Sing [Correctional Facility] and his demise came because he trusted his inmates at Sing Sing too much, so there's history there.


She added that she assumes that history will come up in the show, since she doesn't think she'd be told about it otherwise. She also said that she's waiting to find out what's really happening in the town, so she can play that side. As for the upcoming appearance of the Mills sisters' mother, she says that Reyes is involved "A bit, but not in a way that I think it's surprising. It's not what you would expect." [ TV Line]

At the link is a sneak peek at the succubus appearing on tonight's episode. [ Entertainment Weekly]


Once Upon a Time

Regina is going to go back to her Evil Queen persona in Storybrroke, which Lana Parilla says is because "Something happens where she's kind of just out of control." At the link, see Parilla (in full Queen regalia) talk more about Regina's next move. [ TV Guide]


Minority Report

Justin Falvey talked a bit about the upcoming show and why it makes for good TV:

Minority Report's a great example of something that should be [rebooted] because there's a way to produce that as a series that is not stepping on the film. Our way into it [for Fox] takes place after the film, in terms of the time frame. It's a great title and property, and there's a great procedural engine that drives it.


[ The Hollywood Reporter]


Jared Padalecki said that fans should get what they're expecting in the 200th episode:

The writers are very aware of what the fans think, and the fans are, I think, very aware that the writers are very aware of what they think. So we've been able to kind of poke fun of ourselves in a way that we knew the fans would enjoy because they've kind of asked for it.


See more of the interview with Padalecki and Jensen Ackles at the link. [ TV Guide]

Episode 10.12 is currently tentatively titled "About a Boy." [via SpoilerTV]


Osric Chau said that he'd love to see Kevin return, since there's always a chance anyone could come back. See his interview at the link. [ K Site TV]


In a similar vein, Rob Benedict said of Chuck:

I think it's inevitable. I mean, look, they've established him as this sort of godly sort of figure, so I think at some point… my vision is that Kripke's gonna come back before it's over, and when he comes back, I'm gonna come back, because I'm kind of the embodiment of him, right?


See the interview below. [ K Site TV]


Jacqueline Toboni says Trubel will be taking up the slack for Nick, now that he's lost his Grimm powers:

Definitely. Who else is going to do it? I think her and Hank [Russell Hornsby] see eye to eye on the fact they don't really have a lot of options while Nick is powerless. She is their eyes and ears. Nick is a little more hesitant because he feels responsible for her and doesn't want to put her in danger. When Hank asks me to do things, I'm all smiles. Nick is the only one who is like, "If I had any other option, I would take it."


She's also bonding with Juliette:

Juliette is like the mom and older sister that Trubel never had. Juliette and I had this great moment in season three where she says, "Why do you have that chess piece?" I tell her the story of jamming it into a Wesen's neck, but also how I like the way the chess piece moves because it's different than any other piece on the board. It's kind of a loaner in that sense. And, so I open up to her in my own way. Then, she's like, "Oh, let's go shopping." That's something Trubel has never heard in her entire life. If anything, she's been shoplifting. It's really great to have that female influence. The way I created this character was that she didn't have time to be a little girl. She had to be as intimidating as possible so no one would approach her. This season you get to see more of that with Juliette.


[Spinoff Online]

Here's a promo for episode 4.04, "Dyin' On a Prayer." Photos for the episode are here. [via SpoilerTV, SpoilerTV]


Here's what is reportedly a photo of Katie Cassidy's stunt double in the new Black Canary outfit. [ imgur via SpoilerTV]



Michael James Shaw says that November 14 episode is an adaptation of the "Hunger Demon" storyline that introduced Papa Midnite. [ K Site TV]


Charles Halford previewed a bit of what's coming for the show and his character, Chas:

In episode 10, Chas really opens up in the storyline. For me as an actor it goes from like a two to a ten, just in terms of information. I've spoken with the show's creators and the showrunner about Chas in the show. I love the comics, but there's obviously some inventions for the character in the show with, the supernatural abilities and things like that. So I was really trying to dig in and get information, but when I finally got my eyes on that script — it was emotional to see the various aspects of this character, and what all happened to lead up to the events in that episode. We go back and explore how John and Chas have bonded and what their loyalty means.

We have a lot of great guest stars coming — every week there's something amazing. From the sets they're finding and building for us to live in, to the recurring characters and actors we have joining us. Everyone is going to love Papa Midnite. Michael James Shaw is great in the part. It's such a fun ride and I'm really happy that it's on television. We can have a weekly installment of "Hellblazer!"


[ Comic Book Resources]

The Originals

EP Michael Narducci explained the questions driving season 2 forward:

What we're building towards is this notion [that] the city can't survive when you have powerful people like Esther and Mikael coming in having nefarious intentions. All of these vampires' lives are at stake when Klaus' life is at stake — literally with the white oak stake in play. So, they have to come to some understanding that we're all connected, we're all in this together — how do we survive? When we have these enemies come into town and the city is in danger and the life of that child [Hope] is ultimately in danger, it feels like the enemy of my enemy might have to be my friend. So there's going to be some interesting alliances going forward.


[ TV Guide]

The Flash

Micah Parker ( The Vampire Dairies) will play Clay Parker, whose appearance is described as:

Clay Parker, an inmate at Iron Heights Prison, is currently locked up for stealing money and working with a big-time crime lord in Central City. When Clay's girlfriend breaks him out of prison, Clay exploits her feelings for him and convinces her to utilize her meta-human powers for one last heist before they leave the city for good.


The episode is likely slated for 2015. [ Comic]


The ABC show got a full season order. [ Entertainment Weekly]


Here's a new promo:

Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Abhimanyu Das