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Man, kids today have all the luck (and I'm not just saying that because I feel old and crotchety). First they get tailored-for-kids cellphones and video cameras, now we have Hasbro churning out an entire entertainment system that's kid-friendly. We're talking a fully-working projector with built-in DVD player here people. The Hasbro Zoombox DVD Entertainment Projector displays images sixty inches or larger, and AV cables allow game consoles to be connected as well. Sure the quality may not be that great but at less than $300, this is probably the most low-cost projector on the shelves. It'll be sold exclusively in New York and online through the HasbroShop this December, and be available nationwide next year.

And just in case your little brat wants more techy stuff to emulate his or her techy parents, there's also Hasbro's VuGo Kids Portable Media Player and DVR unit that contains 128MB of memory.


This is apparently enough to hold an hour of video, 6 hours of music, and over 1,200 photos (you could probably add more since the VuGo has an SD slot). Not too much news on the quality of the screen and all the specs, but considering this PMP actually has built-in DVR abilities is pretty huge for a kiddie device. The VuGo is scheduled to be available later this year, for an extremely affordable $120. Hasbro will even launch an actual video download service for the VuGo, probably full of cartoons and music videos (or whatever it is the kids are into these days).

Hasbro also released four more products that we weren't too excited about but your kid might be: The VCAM NOW (a simple video camera for $79.99), the I-DOG (what sounds like a Sega iDog rip-off for $29.99), VideoNow XP (an interactive video system that plays interactive games, music videos etc. for $59.99), and a ChatNow two-way radio (with the ability to transmit text messages as well as pics, for $74.99).

Heck, for these prices, screw the kids — just get them for yourselves.

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