Have You Ever Wondered How Replicants Are Made in Blade Runner?

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We know that the Replicants in Blade Runner are made of biological materials, but we never see them being made. Now, one artist has created a luminous, creepy image of what it might be like to work in the Replicant factory.

Concept artist Wouter Gort is from Amsterdam. He describes what he was imagining when he created this picture:

I pictured a kind of 3D printer, where there's a flat surface that slowly goes up while organic matter is released into the basin by the 6 faucets on the edges. The organic matter (DNA) moves through the liquid to find its correct position and gets 'glued' to the rest of the body by the laser around the edge of the table. This process would continue and the replicant would slowly emerge from the liquid, like a print from a SLA 3D printer.

I tried adding movable parts to the machine so it would feel alive when active, like the Voight-Kampff machine while monitoring.


See more of Gort's work on his website.

(Spotted on Nuthin But Mech)