Have You Seen Missing Technorati Employee Tracy Williams?

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Tracy Williams, an employee of Technorati, was been missing since Wednesday (11/2) after going out with friends to a San Francisco bar. Nobody has heard from her since, and now Technorati is asking the online community to help find her.


Here's the backstory according to Technorati:

Tracy was last seen at 7:45pm PDT on Wednesday evening at the Whitehorse Bar located in San Francisco. She was there with colleagues from Technorati Media. During this time, friends went outside for a "smoke". When they returned inside the bar, Tracy was gone. They simply thought she was heading to North Beach to meet a friend and not concerned.

After leaving the bar, we believe Tracy texted a friend to let him know she was going home.

On Thursday, November 3, 2011, Tracy did not show up for work. Many of our employees tried to contact Tracy through email and phone without success. A close friend was alerted about the situation and went over to her apartment, in the Tenderloin section of San Francisco. There were no signs that Tracy returned to her apartment the prior evening.

Tracy is 40 years old, dark wavy hair that she usually wears back in a ponytail, prominent freckles on her face, brown eyes, light brown skin, athletic build, 5'8 inches tall, approximately 135 pounds and was wearing blue jeans, a black hoodie and carrying a small bag.

There are currently campaigns on Twitter and Facebook to help locate Williams. If you know anything or saw anything , you should call the San Francisco Police Department at 415-553-0123 and reference the case number #11089254. [Technorati]


Damn, how are we still losing people in this day and age?! Everything should be able to locate anyone by now! I hope she is found soon, that's terrible =(