Hawking HNC290G WiFI Camera

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Geared toward the paranoid or voyeuristic home and small business owner, the HNC290G WiFi camera lets you view wirelessly exactly what's going on on your property anytime, anywhere. Well, there's a wire for the AC adapter, but other than that, totally wireless.


The HNC290G supports 802.11b/g as well as 10/100 Ethernet, in case you want a more stable connection to the camera. Other features like UPnP, which allows auto-discovery from PCs, and URL configuration, which lets you access the configuration page from any computer on the network. Their setup wizard with UPnP also sets up port-forwarding on your router automatically, so people on the outside of your network—say your computer at work—can view the camera without figuring out difficult router settings.

It's also got built-in motion detection and streams video at 30FPS. A good entry-level WiFi camera at $129.99. Buy one, hide it, and have proof your wife's cheating on you with your brother, while you were making it with your dead cousin's wife. Yes, I watch Rescue Me, why do you ask?

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I'd consider it if it wasn't so damn large. I'm saying 90% of that is the encoders and wireless transmitters. Sure, we'll hide the cables, but no-one's gonna notice the big silver saucer attached to the wall?