HBO Is Going To Stream True Blood To Your iPad (But Not On Netflix)

Illustration for article titled HBO Is Going To Stream True Blood To Your iPad (But Not On Netflix)

Oh, hello HBO Go! You were a strange experiment in going it alone before, but now that you're headed to the iPad I might just give you a closer look. Especially since HBO's apparently not headed to Netflix after all.


The definitive word came down from HBO honcho Eric Kessler, made his position clear in a recent Bloomberg interview:

"There is value in exclusivity... [Consumers] are willing to pay a premium for high quality, exclusive content," he said.

Instead, HBO is sticking with HBO Go, a streaming service free to subscribers that that will hit the iPad and other mobile platforms within the next six months. It's a blow to Netflix subscribers, who have held out hope that Watch Instantly would get more premium content through cable provider deals. But HBO's never done "free," and by pushing out content themselves we hopefully won't have to deal with availability delays.

Besides, there's about a hundred hours of Futurama in your Instant queue already. That should be more than enough to keep you occupied. [Bloomberg]



AS long as I don't have to have Cable, I'm in!