HBO Produces Entourage Miniseries Specifically for Cingular Cellphones

Some big players in the media world such as HBO are playing along with new media. The pay cable channel and creative leader has created a miniseries especially for Cingular mobile phones based on its outstanding half-hour comedy, Entourage. Each four-minute episode follows a storyline revolving around one of the characters in the series, Johnny Drama (played by Kevin Dillon, second from left in the photo), and the clips were specifically created for this tiny close-up medium.

We're digging these new specifically-produced programs for various media other than plain old TV. Apparently HBO is serious when it blurts out that slogan ad nauseum, "It's not TV, it's HBO." However, we're just wishing they would've picked a different character from the Entourage series rather than Johnny Drama. That's OK, though, HBO—we still love you. Now hug it out, bitch.

Cingular launches mini HBO series for cellphones [Reuters]


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