Illustration for article titled HBOs Cable-Free Streaming Service Might Launch In April for $15 a Month

IBT reports a slew of new (supposed) details about HBO's forthcoming standalone subscription. The name? HBO Now. How much will it cost? $15. Should you be excited? Yes!

According to the report, the internet service will be available this spring in time for Game of Thrones season 5. Interestingly (if not surprisingly) the Apple TV will supposedly be one of the launch partners. That's wiggly language that doesn't really tell us whether Apple will have (presumably timed) exclusive, which would be a bummer, or if the service launch will also launch on stuff like Amazon's Fire TV, Roku, and Android TV boxes like the Nexus Player. As with HBO Go, we would expect the new service to eventually make its way to all streaming box/stick platforms eventually.


But maybe the best news here is the price: $15 a month isn't super cheap, but compared to the price of cable it's nothing—plus, that's more or less the price you pay for HBO when you have a cable subscription anyway. Finally, you can cut the cord without cutting your ties to the drama on Girls. [IBT]

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