HD DVD and Blu-ray Trouble: Not Enough Blue Diodes to Go Around

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Things are looking dicey for both HD DVD and Blu-ray, because a key component has suddenly become scarce: blue laser diode yield rates are only 30% according to Nichia, a company responsible for 80% of the blue laser diode supply. The diodes are used in both HD DVD and Blu-ray players, and the shortfall will severely limit the number of players that can be shipped.

Sources said only Pioneer and Plextor are currently able to maintain shipments of products using the blue diodes, with Toshiba soon joining them. Another source says any new models using those diodes might be postponed until 2007. This has certainly been a rough start for both high definition disc formats.


Blu-ray and HD-DVD to freeze competition until 2007 [DigiTimes Systems, via CrunchGear]

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