The HDMI rip-off outrage continues, where the next chapter in our sordid saga shows selling a 5x1 HDMI switcher for $349.95, calling its "regular" price $449.95. The company generously tosses in two free 1-meter HDMI cables, which it says have a value of $139.90. So let's do the math: you're getting a $489.95 $589.85 value for $349.95, right? Wrong.

An observant blogger at Geek With Family spotted exactly the same HDMI switcher for $88.73 at Take a look at the picture above, and you'll see the resemblance, where they're exactly the same except for which logo is silkscreened on top. Oh, wait, we forgot to add up the cost of those free HDMI cables. Well, you can pick those up at for $5 apiece. Save $251.22. Unbelievable.


All we can do to help fix this problem is to throw information at it. Spread the word.

HDMI Twins: Is BetterCables Selling an $89 HDMI Switcher for $350? [Geek With Family]

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