He May Be Chibi, But This Predator Still Looks Like He Could Mess You Up

Usually when a character is 'chibified' and given super-deformed proportions, there's usually a concession made to make the original design look suitably cuter. That's most definitely not the case with this new Predator from Herocross, who still looks like he could slice and dice you anyway way he pleased.

The stunningly titled Hybrid Metal Figuration Scar Predator Figure is 5.5" tall, and is called such because the figure uses a mix of metallic alloy and plastic parts. In the Predator's case — based on Scar from Alien vs. Predator — its body, arms and legs are made out of the alloy. If I'm perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure what that actually does for the figure, but alloys or not, he still looks pretty darn cool.


Bits of him being metal for seemingly no reason at all isn't all that Scar has going for him. Aside from an alternate maskless head (which looks seriously weird given it being oddly realistic and yet chibi-esque in its hugeness) Scar comes with a ton of weapons and accessories, including wrist blades, combi-sticks and a plasma caster, as well as all the hands he needs to hold all those wonderful toys. Quite the kit of destructive tools for something ostensibly meant to be all super-deformed and cute.

Want a teeny-weeny predator of your own? Scar is available for pre-order from Herocross ahead of a release later this year for HK$798 - or around US$100. As nice as he looks, that seems like quite a chunk for such a tiny toy.


[via Toyark]

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