Head Pillow for the Lazy Gamer

Some of us have real lives with jobs and families to tend to. But that doesn't mean we aren't in touch with all you gen-gamers. I mean, playing World of Warcraft for 11 hours straight and then selling the gold on eBay is the job of the future, right? So, we present to you the executive desk chair for the hardcore MMORPG set: the head-propping pillow for gamers. It only costs about 550 gold (or $36 from Yahoo! Japan). Yeah, it makes you look like you're ready to give oral to a humpback whale, but your neck and head can slacken up and focus on the screen. Added bonus: you will get that slouched-over posture that announces to all the world, "I am a level 10 Mage."

Head-Propping Pillow For Chronic Gamers [Oh Gizmo!]

Pre-Orders for the U.S.


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