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Do you know that late-night, drooling hypnotic feeling that happens while you are watching infomercials for MP3-enabled Windows Mobile 6.0-based robotic potato peelers? Well, that's exactly the state I got into when I made the error to follow the TV watch link and enter into the horrors of Gadget Universe, The Site. So, what in hell and heaven is this Head Spa Massager? According to them:

"This patented Italian design incorporates Japanese engineering and utilizes acupressure to relax and soothe your problems away. It's like thousands of tiny fingers simultaneously massaging your scalp."


Scary, but true. Louis says that, at $49.95, he would get it if it had lasers. I would too, but only if they would let me fire at the guy in the video after the jump, who starts his pitch saying: "this product is like drinking, having a booze but not really having a booze." Well, señor, what's the point then?


I want one of those MP3 players that are "so small that you can actually swallow it and listen to music from your stomach" too.

Head Spa Massager [Gadget Universe]

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